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The Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker Belling Kensington 100DFT Red Range Cooker

Belling Kensington 100DFT Range CookerMade in Britain itself, this uniquely designed and stylish Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker features an astounding 7 burner gas hobs. While still finding space to add an additional 4KW Powerwok burner. Alongside not one, but two 64ltr ovens, offering an unimaginably large amount of cooking space. Worried about the cleaning? Not a problem. This beautiful, not to miss piece of technology comes with an easy-clean enamel, making it easy to keep this range cooker in the perfect condition to which it will arrive from our store.

Outstanding Belling Kensington 100DFT Range Cooker Features

Gas Burner Hobs

With the 7 Burner Gas Hob (including 4KW Powerok burner) you will no longer feel stressed, panicked or worried about space when it comes to cooking. As Direct Discounts only offers the best. The incredibly cheap Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker also offers maximum control over how you would like your food to be. Offering precise and immediate heat change. Cooking how you want to cook. Cooking is made easy and the upmost pleasurable with the Belling Kensington Range Cooker as the Cast Iron Elevated Pressure Pansure Supports are hard wearing, meaning this perfection lasts longer. The 4KW Powerwok burner provides intense heat, allowing the best forBelling Kensington 100DFT Range Cooker your speciality dishes. Of course, you’re beginning to think your luck is running out.

Maxi-Clock Minute Minder

But The Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker throws in an additional Maxi-Clock Minute Minder, no doubt making your life that little bit easier. With 3 button touch control screen and an easy to read display, making your decision for a new cooker simple.

Belling Kensington 100DFT Range Cooker’s Grill

The integrated dual circuit variable grill allows you to be in complete control of your cooking. So you can decide the temperature. In addition to whether or not you need the full grill or just half depending on how you need it.

With an in incredible range of burner gas hobs, this allows you to cook for the family with ease. Alongside a 4kW wok burner allows even more options for your cooking, as you can rapidly heat foods this way.

Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker’s LED Touch Control

The Belling Kensington 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker also comes with a LED touch control clock and programmer. Allowing you to have all the information you need throughout your cooking. It’s no longer a guessing game. As it walks you through every step of they way. In addition, it’s easy and simple to adjust the programmes of your Range Cooker in order to meet your needs.

Belling Kensington 100DFT Range Cooker’s Storage Compartment

Just when you think this Range Cooker doesn’t have any more space, it adds in an additional storage compartment in order to keep your baking essentials and cookware. This means that you will have more space elsewhere and everything you need will be easily located inside of your perfect Range Cooker.

Some of many fantastic reviews

“It’s aesthetically good to look at and is very easy to use.”

“Love having the choice of two ovens.”

“Very easy to use. Looks good. Food tastes great(could be chef). My teenage children haven’t complained about it, and they use it that’s a plus”

“Bought this cooker in November but only just had our new kitchen install so only been using it for a week 😁 but I love everything about it so far 👍🏻can’t fault it”

“This is a great cooker for our large family. Cooks right on time for recommended cooking times. Plenty of space with a number of functions.”

“I love this cooker. So spacious inside the ovens. Can fit standard baking trays and roasting tins. 5 has rings are varied sizes. Looks smart. Always the first thing people comment on when they come in my kitchen.”

“Cooking Christmas dinner was a breeze. Great cooker highly recommend”

“- Solid cast iron hob supports, – very good gas control for low heats, – Timer settings easy to use – timer count down in seconds is very useful
Separate ignition button is a lot safer than having rings ignite when you turn the control knob, with young children around”

“Easy to use, great to clean, good sized ovens and grill. Very good value for money.”

“Excellent product at a reasonable price. The belling Kensingtion is very efficient and the heat is instant, and lives up to the A star for duel fuel efficiency. Lots of space with the 2nd oven, and hobs are fantastic and soft button use.”Belling Kensington 100DFT Range Cooker

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Direct Discounts Delivery

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