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Bosch Tumble Dryers

It’s all about the Bosch, about the Bosch, no trouble…

 Vented Bosch Tumble Dryers

Simply: Vented Bosch tumble dryers expel the moist air to the outside through a hose. This means that this product would need to be placed near a window or wall in your home. However, these types of dryers are among the cheaper end of the price spectrum. Therefore ideal for those on a budget.

I would recommend to you The Bosch WTA79200GB 7kg Vented Dryer

Perfect for the less demanding homes, with a 7kg drum capacity is more than ideal for the medium-sized households. Offering more space and reducing the loads makes drying clothes a breeze. With 15 outstanding programmes to handle every type of different fabrics. Dealing with anything your household has to throw at you. Its specially-designed paddles provide excellent soft, even drying to allow your clothes to remain in perfect quality for longer. With fantastic features like LED display, start delay timer, AutoDry and Antivibration Construction. Makes saying “no” to this product even harder.

Just a pinch of the many outstanding reviews

“My dad recently bought this tumble dryer and matching Bosch washing machine. We have been very pleased so far! It is quiet, easy to use, has a great display and most importantly dries well! Would recommend.”

“Love this dryer so far. really easy to use, lots of drying options, big drum which is great for larger loads. The mixed load option is brilliant and means you can dry towels with clothes and it all comes out dry.”

Condenser Bosch Tumble Dryers

Simply: Condenser Bosch tumble dryers collect moisture from your washing and place the condensed water in a container. This means you have the freedom to place this product wherever you desire within your home. This eliminates the need for a hose, and allows you to place this appliance wherever you feel comfortable.

I would recommend to you The Bosch WTB84200 8kg Condenser Dryer

Bosch Dryers

Firstly, this tumble dryer is perfect for the larger and busier households. The Bosch WTB84200 8KG Condenser Bosch Tumble Dryers gets even the thickest of clothes dry, making it THE must have product in any laundry room. In addition, with 8KG room, it makes the biggest of loads an easy and perfect dry. Inside the large drum Bosch adds a fantastic feature SensitiveDrying system. So this unique design helps to ensure that your clothes receive care, softness and even drying at ALL times. Even when you think this might be a noisy job. Bosch throw in an anti-vibration design to make sure that this product remains outstanding, stable and quiet throughout its cycle. So with not only an amazing 15 programmes which caters for any type of clothing, but it also has a B rated energy score. Saving you money overall.  ( Now Discontiued )

Just a pinch of the many outstanding reviews

“So much better than my Hoover dryer.It dries in half the time and there is a lot less steam.I love the easy to use pullout water drawer at the top of the machine .Very impressed!”

“Sturdy machine, easy to use and clothes dried to a nice level, ready for putting away. Internal light nice touch. Great product!”

“Dries without crease. Easy to programme and use.”

Heat Pump Condenser Bosch Tumbler Dryers

Simply: The most energy efficient of the three tumble dryers. It works exactly the same as a condenser tumble dryer, except this type of product is much more energy efficient, which will save you money in the long term.

I would recommend to you The Bosch WTH83000 Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Bosch Dryers

Perfect for the busier families whom are looking to cut down on their energy bills, the drying cycle takes longer than a standard dryer but consumes less than half the energy. Firstly, The WTH83000GB Heat Pump Condenser Bosch Tumble Dryers can take on large laundry tasks all while maintaining an efficient home with it’s 8KG load capacity. Secondly, compared to similar models, the Heat Pump Condenser Dryer will dry your household essentials much quieter with its AntiVibration design. Your clothes will be cared for with this product with its outstanding SensitiveDrying system and programmes to cater for every wash. Let us not forget the A+ energy rating which makes this unmissable product the most energy efficient on the market today. So if you want the best product, while still saving money, this is the one for you.

Just a pinch of the many outstanding reviews

“Good price, effective drying, lots of useful features – highly recommended.”

“Simple operation and excelent results. Useful not having to vent. You get what you pay for with this machine. This is a good quality drier.”

“Great product. Turns out mother (-in-law) does know best.”

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