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Rangemaster Range Cookers

Rangemaster Range Cookers

Rangemaster Range CookersRangemaster

The market leader and one of the UK’s best loved brands. Rangemaster is a name which is well known amongst range cooking. With a collection that covers every possible angle of cooking; you will never be disappointed by any product. Bringing many years of experience to the manufacturing of their products, Rangemaster are the masters of producing high quality, stylish kitchen equipment especially Rangemaster Range Cookers.

Whether you need a new cooker to replace your old one or you simply want a wow-factor upgrade. Finding the right one for you can seem to be a hard and challenging task. There are a number of points that you need to consider when buying a new cooker, and with the outstanding range of Rangemaster Range Cookers, you may feel like you need some guidance. This is precisely why I am here. From your fuel supply, the type of cooker that you want, the features which best fit you and the size and installation process. This blog is created by me in order to help you find the perfect cooker for your kitchen, as easy as possible. I mean, I know I’d need help…

For more information about Rangemaster Range Cookers, visit our website or pop in store today. If you have a Rangemaster in mind which we do not have on our website, we may have it in stock in our warehouse, we can try and match or beat a price in order for purchase through our company.

Rangemaster Range Cookers

If you have a large family or you enjoy holding dinner parties and cooking for a number of people, or just love cooking then a range cooker will be the perfect cooker for you. Range cookers come in a variety of widths and can roast, bake, boil, griddle, grill, stir-fry and slow cook – everything that you need, all in one appliance. They also have more hob zones and oven cavities than a standard cooker which is why they’re so useful to those who do a lot of cooking.

Not only are all Rangemaster Range Cookers the perfect addition to the kitchen, but no matter how small or large your kitchen, there’s a cooker to suit with 90cm, 100cm and 110cm widths to choose from. Which means you can also pick the size which is right for you.

Dual Fuel Rangemaster Range Cookers

If you are looking for a cooker which supplies the best of both worlds, dual fuel Rangemaster Range Cookers are exactly what you are looking for. Dual fuel cookers combine the instant heat and easy control from a traditional gas hob. But they also feature the even heat from an electric fan oven. In my opinion, there’s just something about Range Cookers Gas Hobs and Pan Supports that just make me go “WOW”! But I don’t want to sway you, after reading about Induction Electric Range Cookers, even I might change my mind…

Rangemaster Range CookersA perfect example of a popular sized Rangemaster would be the Professional Plus 90 Dual Fuel

“If you’re a serious cook, you need a serious cooker. With a wealth of features, including two spacious ovens and a separate variable dual grill compartment with our renowned glide-out-grill system, the Professional + range cookers offer the sleek modern lines of its contemporaries with a few extra treats thrown in . Available in a variety of option and beautiful finishes, it not only performs but it will look the part too.”

All Gas Rangemaster Range Cookers

The clues in the name when it comes to this type of range cooker, it is an all gas product. Gas hobs offer instant and easy to control heat that tends to spread evenly across the base of a pan. In addition, gas is cheaper than electricity, so you’re likely to save yourself a little bit of money if you cook with this form of fuel. Oven cooked dishes turn out better with natural gas. It does not dry the dishes because it allows a moist cooking environment. Foods baked in a natural gas oven will always turn out perfect. And like I stated previously, there is something about Gas Hobs that just does it for me…
Rangemaster Range Cookers

A prime example of an all gas Rangemaster Range Cooker would be the Classic Deluxe 100.

“The Classic is a classic in every sense. As well as its spacious, fully programmable oven, you’ll find a separate grill and high-powered wok burner. The Classic also comes complete with an innovative Handyrack.”

Induction Rangemaster Range Cookers

Electric induction hobs provide almost instant and precise heat so you can cook food quickly and easily. This is ideal for those with busy lives or with hungry families to feed. Induction Rangemaster Range Cookers are easy to clean and maintain. Which allows for the perfection to last longer. The precise heat generation ensures that none of the heat is wasted. Making induction cookers one of the most efficient and therefore cost-effective range cookers on the market. I’m all for an easy life, what about you?
Rangemaster Range Cookers

A fantastic example of an induction Rangemaster Range Cooker would be the Toledo 110 Induction Rangemaster Cooker.

“With its hard-wearing ceramic hob, contemporary handles and ergonomically designed control knobs, the Toledo range offers an imposing yet stylish look. The induction hob models include two fan assisted ovens and a separate variable controlled dual grill compartment. What’s more, our ingenious silver paint finish option offers the sleek look of steel, without the need to polish away fingerprints and smears. So it’s a dream to keep clean, too.”


“I have noticed the food cooks much better than any other cooker”

“Heats up really quickly, highly efficient oven”

“This is a cooker I have always wanted and I have not been disappointed”

“What’s not to love about this cooker, it’s fantastic all round and I love everything about it!”

“Looks really stylish as well as being spot on for timings and temperatures for all cooking and baking.”

“Does what it says on the tin. Smart and stylish cooker”

“I cannot believe how delighted I am with my new cooker. It is everything I wanted and I researched for a long time. Perfect.”

Rangemaster Range Cookers

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