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Belling Induction Range Cookers

Belling Induction Range Cookers

The Belling Cookcentre 110EI Black Induction Range Cooker has an eleganBelling Induction Range Cookerst, stylish design that would look fabulous in each and every kitchen. The Belling Induction Range Cooker brings modern design and contemporary features together. Featuring five fantastic hotplates and two electric ovens, so including everything you need in a compact space. On the other hand, this space isn’t quite so compact. With two ovens eligible to hold a whopping 71 & 65 litres, making Doctor Who’s TARDIS look like nothing in comparison. Made from quality materials in a sleek design.

Why Belling?

Firstly, Belling are a familiar and family-oriented brand with a long history and a great reputation for producing cookers which offer exactly the right mix of style, quality and value. In addition, made in Britain, Belling range cookers are built to a satisfyingly high standard. Being the right choice for generations of hungry families.

Belling Induction Range Cookers Induction hob

The Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker’s easy-clean ceramic glass surface gives an excellent cooking result, in addition to almost instant heat and allows you to precisely control the temperature.  The Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker is great for the masters of multitasking. The hob contains 5 induction zones for flexible cooking and fantastic effective heating. No matter what’s on the menu. Induction technology works by heating the pan rather than the hob. Offering a smarter, faster, safer and more energy efficient way to cook. The Belling Cookcentre Range Cooker Induction hob is there to assist you. Making cooking easier, and food tastier.

Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker’s Variable electric grill

Belling Induction Range CookerThe Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker has a separate grill cavity, giving you the capability to adjust the grilling power to suit your needs. The variable electric grill allows exact precision with it’s temperature dial to ensure that you maximise the perfection of your cooking. If you are grilling a small portion, then the inner section can be in isolation, helping you save energy.

Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker is highly Energy efficient

The Belling Induction Range Cooker has an A Energy Rating to help you keep your energy costs low. Limiting the impact on your energy consumption, saving you money as the years fly by. So this already astonishingly reasonably priced product is helping you in more ways than just cooking.

Belling Cookcentre Induction Range Cooker is extremely easy to clean

The special enamel in the Belling Induction Range Cooker’s interior ensures that cleaning your oven is not the awful task it once was. It allows you to easily wipe food deposits and spillages off the surface. As the interior prevents anything from staining it. In addition, allowing you to keep your oven cavity in pristine condition. This cooker allows you to maintain cleanliness effortlessly as the door comes with a removable glass panel. So that you can simply wipe the surface much easier.

Programmable timer

Once your food is ready to go in the oven, you can easily set the duration of time using the LED clock and programmable timer. Which is easy to navigate and to program. You can effortlessly press the indicators to set the desired time. Then, when your food is ready, the timer will alert you.

Customer Reviews

“I really like the quick reactions especially when something boils over it reacts quickly and stops the heat to prevent burning. Everything cooks quicker which saves on energy bills and the kids and mummy are happy that dinner is ready in half the time it used to take especially after just getting in from school!”

“Love the 2 ovens, plenty of room for big family meals or you could use one for cooking while the other keeps things warm.”

“It has so much space to cook. The 2 ovens and accompanying grill as well as the 5 burners make cooking an easy job.”

“Looks good, easy to use, speedy cooking. Really pleased with this appliance.”

“Very stylish and very easy to clean. Boiling point on the hob is reached almost immediately with the power boost button, amazing. One button to power down all 5 hob rings.”

“It’s an electric hob but it works like gas, only quicker. On full power it can bring a pan of water to the boil in under a minute and the only thing that gets really hot is the pan and whatever is in it of course”

“Induction hob is the best electric cooking method I have tried. very controllable. fan ovens are excellent and quick to heat up. Stylish and fits into my traditional kitchen but would be equal
ly right in a more modern setting.”

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