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Hotpoint Black Washing Machine

Hotpoint Black Washing Machine

Hotpoint Black Washing MachineThis stylish gloss black finish Hotpoint Black Washing Machine features an astonishing 14 wash programmes. All selected by an easy to use front located rotary dial, makes today’s washing as easy as possible. With an energy efficiency class of A+++, it’s hard to fault this effortless appliance. Still, it continues to impress with its maximum spin speed of 1400rpm. Giving you the wash of perfection. With full control over your wash cycle, this Hotpoint Black Washing Machine comes with the ideal delay start timer to allow you to wash when you want, and how you want.


First and foremost, with a Hotpoint WMBF944K 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine with 14 full wash programmes plus rinse or spin only, it really does cater to your every need. Including a well needed anti-stain cycle, it removes even stubborn stains. Making your every day challenges as easy as possible, coming first for stain removal. Just when you think the grass stains on the PE kit, or the red wine from last night’s meal won’t come out, think again, you can even select the intensity of wash from normal to intensive or delicate. Not only does this product contain anything you could possibly want, it also does it using the precise amount of energy and water, making the process as effortless and economically efficient as desirable.Hotpoint Black Washing Machine

Even so, this Hotpoint Black Washing Machine still manages to throw in some additional features, just to make your choice of a new washing machine that little bit easier. With a start delay and control panel, it keeps you informed every step of the way. From giving you a time remaining display, to an end of cycle indictor, and even an alert to inform you when your programme has ended, this washing machine really has it all. With one review stating “it meets the needs of a busy lifestyle”, it really does cater for all. In my opinon, what more could you possibly need?

Environmentally friendly?

This eco-friendly product makes very little noise. With statistics showing that it makes less noise than your average conversation. If it wasn’t for the picturesque qualities, you’d hardly even notice it at all. If you find that hard to believe, there are many reviews on this product that reveal that this washing machine will be no trouble to you at all. “Super quite” is one of the many positive feedbacks from this product, and you will not be disappointed.

How do I begin to tell you about the 9kg drum? Well, here goes, there will never be a load too big for this washing machine. As one customer stated that it “easily holds a double duvet”, is there anything this washing machine can not do? It’s quiet, spacious, caters for every need. Still, it maintains at an astonishingly cheap offer. Grab it whilst you still can! The one thing that really intrigues me about this washing machine, is the simplicity of it. How can a device that contains everything be so easy to use? One customer stated that this product was “so easy to use, even my husband can use it”. Well that really does say it all. If you’re having doubts about anything, this product wouldn’t be one of them.

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This is just one of the many things that Direct Discounts can do for you. In addition, they will happily take away and recycle your old washing machine and nasty polystyrene and plastic packaging, our environmental target is zero landfill, but again at no extra cost. This all seems like a dream. So please don’t hesitate and wait until it’s too late. Grab the best deal at the best price from the best company today.