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Cheapest Neff Ovens

In 1877, in a small town in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg province. Smoke began to appear above a small semi-timbered cottage. Carl Neff and 6 partners had moved in and set up the first NEFF workshop. Little did they know that one little cottage industry would grow and become the best in Europe. That’s 140 years of appliance production and now in 2017 you can see and buy some of the Cheapest Neff Ovens available at Direct Discounts.

Neff Slide & Hide B44M42N5GB Oven

Neff B44M42N5 Single Oven

Firstly, with the Neff Slide & Hide B44M42N5GB you will have more flexibility with 66 litres of space to explore. Allowing plenty of space for all the cooking you require. Furthermore, the innovative Slide&Hide door has SoftClose functionality. It neatly slides away to save space and let you safely get close to your hot meals. Now I don’t know about you. But I love features that separate my oven from the rest. A slide & hide door? Genius.

The bevelled Revolution handle rotates as the door moves, meaning it’s easily accessible. The interior light makes the contents visible at all times. Also, selecting timer options and choosing from 6 cooking functions is simple and easy, even my brother could do that!!!. In addition, a powerful fan circulates the heat to all four levels evenly. This locks flavour and moisture into your food as it cooks more quickly.

Keeping your oven beautifully clean is hassle free with CeramiClean liners. Simply wipe any mess away with a damp cloth. Save your time and effort maintaining the appliance since there’s no need to purchase expensive oven cleaners anymore either. While staying kinder to the environment and save on your monthly utility bills thanks to the A energy rating.

The Neff Slide & Hide B44M42N5GB Oven has 6 heating modes, and a searing maximum temperature of 270 degrees. Alongside a fully programmable digital timer clock. With a total load of 2.9kw this oven can run on a 13amp electric supply. This oven also has 2 years parts and labour manufacturers warranty subject to registration.

What more could you possibly need from built in Neff ovens that play hide and seek?

Neff B14M42S5GB Single Oven

Cheapest Neff Oven

This Neff B14M42S5GB Single Oven offers a spacious 67 litre capacity and functionality to make for easy and effortless cooking. So like a modern day Tardis enjoy an appliance that looks as good as it performs. This oven will be a beautiful feature in your kitchen.

Save money on your monthly bills and stay kind to the environment with an A energy rating. This high specification product has to be one of the cheapest Neff Ovens available today.

Take the hassle out of cleaning your oven and simply wipe away any mess. CeramiClean liners absorb fatty particles before they burn onto the interior of your appliance.

The Neff B14M42S5GB Singe Oven has a fully programmable digital timer clock. Also this oven has 6 function cooking and heating modes, a blistering maximum temperature of 270 degrees, interior light and a full width twin grill. Total load connection is 2.9kw meaning this oven can be run on a 13amp electric supply and subject to registration this oven also has 2 years parts and labour warranty.

Concise. Practical. And Perfect. Exactly how built in Neff ovens should be.

Neff U14M42N5GB Double Oven

Cheapest Neff OvensThe Neff U14M42N5GB Double Oven allows you to cook quickly in the main oven thanks to a powerful CircoTherm fan. This heats all four cooking levels evenly, therefore locking in moisture and flavour.

Furthermore, this makes it ideal for preparing more meals with less hassle. Also allowing you the freedom of options such as batch baking or cooking a dessert.

You can find the ideal setting to suit any meal thanks to the multifunction bottom oven. As well as CircoTherm, it offers bottom and top heat. A full surface grill. Circo Roasting, and a defrost function. You can also make use of the conventional top oven to cook more things at once. So offering you greater freedom to experiment with your cooking.

Furthermore, with an A energy rating. The Neff U14M42N5GB Double Oven is an efficient addition to your home. This helps save you money on household bills. Ensuring that food is cooked as efficiently as possible.

The Neff U14M42N5GB Double Oven has 6 heating modes. Both ovens can achieve a fabulous maximum temperature of 270 degrees and the main multi function oven has a fully programmable timer. Both ovens have interior lights and powerful twin grill elements, ideal for both grilling and browning. Total load connection is 4.9kw meaning this oven should be normally run on a 30amp electric supply and is designed to be installed in a tall housing unit. This oven also has 2 years parts and labour manufacturers warranty subject to registration.

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Cheapest Neff Ovens at Direct Discounts

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Installation Service For Cheapest Neff Ovens

Firstly our recommended independant installer will deliver, install, remove and recycle the old appliance and packaging. For a small fee of £50.00 complying with our zero landfill waste policy.

Direct Discounts Delivery

With Stores in Halifax & Huddersfield to cover the largest proportion of Yorkshire, even the whole of West Yorkshire. So we service many areas including: Keighley, Skipton, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Dewsbury and even Barnsley to Sheffield. Secondly, our other store Oldham covers  Lancashire. We service the areas of: Greater Manchester, Ashton, Denton, Stockport, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Littleborough and even Todmorden. So the company uses its own vehicles and delivery staff. Each unique delivery by a two man crew. We deliver straight into your property. Stairs are not normally a problem to our trained staff.